Why Is My Furnace Making a Clicking Sound?

It’s not unusual for a furnace to make odd noises while it’s working, so if you hear things go bump in the night there’s a good chance it’s not a ghost. Furnaces have been known to hum, bang, clank, and click while they’re heating your home. Most homeowners in Toronto are familiar with these types of sounds and get accustomed to them when cranking up the furnace on a cold winters night. However, there are some other types of noises which should come to your attention since they may seem out of place.

If you start to hear any sounds you’re not used to it’s recommended that you get in touch with a professional HVAC technician sooner rather than later to have the furnace checked out. Unfamiliar and new sounds could be an indication that there’s a problem in the heating system. If the furnace is inspected as soon as possible in all probability the problem is something small and can be easily looked after. If you wait too long though, things could get worse and you may be putting your family at risk as well as staring an expensive repair or replacement bill in the face in the future.

A faulty furnace could lead to a health risk and this is why it’s important to contact a reliable plumbing and heating firm such as Lloyd HVAC Services. We have the professional know-how to diagnose and repair any type of furnace problem you may be experiencing. Our fully-trained technicians are ready to come to your aid by making a house call whenever needed. We realize that specific noises can indicate different problems with a furnace with a clicking sound being one of the most common.

There are several reasons a furnace could click and we’ll go over a few of them.

Pilot Light
If the pilot light on the furnace isn’t working properly in a gas furnace you may hear a clicking sound. The pilot assemblies often bend, get loose, or worn over time due to regular wear and tear. In some cases, the pilot light won’t ignite and a clicking sound may indicate this. If there’s no heat from the furnace this is likely the problem as the spark igniter is attempting to start the burners or pilot light, but isn’t having any success.

When it comes to oil furnaces, byproducts and smoke from the system are expelled by a motor-powered fan. If this fan loosens it can begin to click. In addition, any built-up soot and/or dirt can end up interfering with the process and also create a clicking sound.

Worn out bearing
If the bearing of a furnace motor is worn out it can also result in a clicking noise. If it isn’t repaired the motor can burn out and lead to a costly repair bill. The motor should be inspected on a regular basis and the bearings replaced when needed. The bearings are certainly less expensive to replace than having to install a new motor.

Gas Valve
An intermittent clicking sound which seems to come out of the blue could mean there’s a problem with the system’s gas valve. If this is the case, the home meter could need to be replaced by the company which provides gas to your home.
If you happen to hear any abnormal clicking sound or any other type of unusual sound from your furnace it’s a good idea to have a professional inspect it as soon as possible to make sure it isn’t anything serious. Please feel free to contact Lloyd HVAC Services in the Greater Toronto Area at your convenience for more information regarding heating and air conditioning systems.