Why choose Direct Vent Wall Furnace?

Cost-effective and consistent comfort
These cost-effective units are relatively quick and easy to install and deliver dependable heat whenever it’s needed. The furnace has unique technology built into it which can monitor the temperature in a room and compare it to the settings. This keeps the area comfortable without any big swings in temperature.

Kid & Pet Friendly
Even though the furnace is designed to heat your room or home, it’s safe to touch the cabinet as it doesn’t conduct or give off any heat. The locking control panel is another ideal safety measure as it prevents any unauthorized person or children from changing the settings.

Save On Your Heating Bill
The state-of-the-art furnaces are designed to use just the right amount of gas needed to heat the space. This means you won’t be unnecessarily paying for any wasted gas and you’ll be saving both money and energy.

Get a temperature check with Lloyd HVAC Services
For more information on how direct vent wall furnaces can complement an existing heating system, please contact us at Lloyd HVAC Services. Our experienced team of technicians will be able to offer advice on the configuration, the venting options and the best location for the furnace.



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