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Lloyd HVAC Services provides fast and affordable air conditioning services in Toronto and the surrounding GTA.  We are one of the highest rated HVAC companies on Homestars and take pride in our professionalism and focus on customer service.


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Lloyd HVAC Services Inc. Install, Repair and Maintains the following Air Conditioning and Cooling Systems;

  • Central Air Conditioning (connected to furnace or air handler with duct work)
  • Ductless (Mini Split) Air Conditioner
  • Air Handlers
  • Space Pak Cooling Systems
  • Roof Top Units
  • PTAC (Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner)


High Velocity AC Systems

Install whole house air conditioning systems without ductwork, great for older homes and renovation projects.

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Toronto-area winters are well known for their frigid temperatures while the summers can often get extremely hot and humid while also posing a health risk. This means it’s important to make sure your HVAC equipment is working as well as possible. You need an efficient furnace to keep warm in the long, cold winters and a top-notch air conditioning unit to stay cool and comfortable during the stifling summers. Soaring temperatures can be effectively offset with a good air conditioning unit and this is why it’s recommended that it’s properly maintained and taken care of.

There are several reasons an air conditioner could fail to do its job such as a faulty sensor, thermostat, compressor, filter, evaporator or motor. The unit could also be in need of refrigerant. Not everybody is experienced and skilled enough to properly diagnose a complex air conditioning system and this is why it’s highly recommended that you contact a trustworthy and experienced HVAC technician if you encounter any problems. It’s important to properly maintain your air conditioning system to keep it working efficiently and extend its lifespan. A healthy unit will result in lower energy bills and be more dependable during Toronto’s hottest months.

It’s easier than you think to add the wrong type of refrigerant or fail to detect a leak and these mistakes could lead to more serious and costly problems. An experienced Lloyd HVAC technician has the technical expertise and professionalism to make sure the unit is properly taken care of. Our team of technicians will be glad to make a house call to inspect your air conditioning system, diagnose any problems and fully explain how to rectify them by discussing your options. The unit may just need a simple cleaning or it could be in need of repair or a part replacement. In some instances, you may even be better off in the long run and be able to save money on energy costs by installing a new unit.

If a new air conditioner appears to be the best and most sensible solution our specially-trained technicians will gladly help you select the right model to fit your lifestyle. We will be able to help find the system which best suits the layout and size of your home. You may have several options such as a room-unit to cool down certain living areas or a central air conditioning system to keep the entire home comfortable. In addition, you may also benefit the most from a split system. This is designed to separate the outdoor condenser and compressor from the home’s indoor component.

According to government studies, cooling and heating systems account for almost half of the energy usage in an average Canadian household. Because of this, it’s a good idea to make sure you’re using an energy-efficient HVAC system and that it has been properly installed. It also needs to be kept in good working condition and this can typically be done by performing preventative maintenance on it. Lloyd HVAC Services will make sure your air conditioner is professionally and correctly installed and can schedule an annual maintenance tune-up before each summer.

Our technicians will clean the system and check the refrigerant to make sure it’s working safely, properly, and efficiently. For more information on air conditioning in the Greater Toronto Area and fast, reliable service, please feel free to contact us at Lloyd HVAC Systems at your convenience. We’re here to help you with any issues regarding repair, maintenance, and replacement and look forward to providing you with a complimentary house call and estimate.