HVAC Repair Toronto

HVAC Repair Toronto

For professional service and peace of mind, there’s only one trusted choice: Lloyd HVAC Services.

Proudly serving Toronto, Lloyd HVAC Services provides expert HVAC Repair and Installation at an affordable price. Offering installation, maintenance and repairs for your HVAC system, Lloyd HVAC Services offers a solution-oriented approach for any space.

Lloyd HVAC Services provides clients with various services including:

  • Service, maintenance and installation with boilers, hot water tanks, heat pumps, and furnaces
  • Gas fittings and ventilation
  • Air conditioning repair and installation for any space
  • Gas fireplaces
  • Worksite cleanup
  • And more

What Can Customers Expect?

Clients can expect a thorough examination of your HVAC system at a pre-scheduled in-home consultation. Assessing the HVAC system and surrounding space is important for both installation and repairs. When it comes to installations, Lloyd HVAC Services works with any space. Clients can expect an efficient and effective solution that fits perfectly in their home. When it comes to repairs, the team works with each client to understand the history of the HVAC system, asking questions to better understand the repairs that are needed. During the in-home consultation, clients are given recommendations and a written estimate of the work that needs to be done.

After the in-home consultation, the team at Lloyd HVAC Services works around each client’s schedule to begin installation or repair. Once the installation or repair begins, the team works to ensure as little disruption as possible to the household, while maintaining a safe working environment. After the repair or installation is complete, Lloyd HVAC Services inspects the job and even cleans up the work site.


Guarantee on All Work and Repairs

Certified and insured, Lloyd HVAC Services also offers a guarantee on all work, ensuring that every client is satisfied. It’s no wonder that Lloyd HVAC Services is your number one choice in the Toronto area for HVAC repairs and installation.

For HVAC Repair and Installation in Toronto, Ontario Call 647-344-HVAC