High Velocity Heating & Cooling Systems


One way to heat and cool your home is by way of a small-duct, high-velocity heating and cooling system (SDHV). These systems are quite innovative and unique and can be installed just about anywhere due to their size and are great for older homes that do not have existing HVAC ductwork installed.  High-velocity systems are becoming popular since they utilize smaller ductwork when compared to a traditional forced-air unit. They can be installed with four-inch wide ductwork which means it can be installed throughout the walls rather than large ducts in the home’s ceiling.

This leaves the home with an unobtrusive look while providing it with efficiency, humidity control, and a lot of comfort at all times of the year. If you’re interested in learning more about high-velocity heating and cooling systems or are looking for a replacement unit please feel free to contact us at Lloyd HVAC Services for more detailed information. Our highly-skilled technicians are specially trained in all types of heating and cooling systems and will be more than happy to pass their knowledge onto you.


How High Velocity Systems Work

Small and flexible tubing is used to operate the systems instead of the bulky ductwork of traditional options. The small outlets are installed in the ceilings, floors or walls of the home and they enable the air to circulate throughout it. The sound of the moving air is muffled by sound attenuators and the air is carried to the ducts by a plenum. A fan coil then circulates it throughout the building while the air is kept moving through the low-pressure return duct by a blower. This results in continuous warm or cool air and the systems can also be installed with air purification devices.


Easier To Install Than Traditional Systems

High-velocity heating and cooling systems typically result in minor renovating or none at all which makes them the perfect choice for homes, historic buildings, structures without ductwork and any other type of building which is hoping to avoid a large scale renovating job. High-velocity systems are quite efficient and dependable, but they still need to be properly taken care of. It’s recommended that the system undergoes a regular annual tune-up and inspection to make sure it’s operating as efficiently as possible. At Lloyd HVAC we can take care of your maintenance needs by making regularly-scheduled house calls to ensure your system is working at its best.

You can also depend on us if you’re having any type of problem with the system such as warm or cool spots in the home or higher-than-usual utility bills. Most repairs are minor in detail if the problem is caught in time and is quickly attended to. Remember, high-velocity systems are ideal for buildings without existing ductwork and are generally preferable to noisy window air conditioners, baseboard heating and radiators. The tubing can easily be pulled through closets and crawlspaces making it virtually invisible and draft-free while circulating the air equally throughout the room from floor to ceiling.