Ductless Air Conditioning


A ductless air conditioning system is also commonly known as a mini-split system. It’s been quite popular in Europe for close to a century and is now becoming more common in the Greater Toronto Area. A ductless air conditioning system is an ideal way to cool down your home if ducts aren’t feasible or if you’re retrofitting air conditioning into your existing house. In addition, manufacturers are now developing ductless mini splits that are “ducted.” A ducted mini-split system is designed to work similar to a ductless mini-split, but it’s connected to ductwork.


What is a Ductless Air Conditioner

A ductless air conditioning system is a single outdoor unit which connects to one or several tiny air handlers which are situated on the ceiling or a wall inside the building. A power cable and refrigerant piping connect the indoor and outdoor unit. The inverter (variable speed) technology used by the ductless system to run the outside compressor allows for high efficiency. Variable capacity air conditioning can save energy in milder temperatures since there’s more dehumidification. When it comes to a ducted mini-split system, it utilizes ductwork which has been specially designed and is more or less a forced-air system. This system is also operated  with variable-speed.


Easier To Install

Traditional central air conditioning systems circulate air throughout a building through ductwork. However, a ductless system uses a small air handler which is typically mounted high on a wall. The air handler features a quiet blower which can circulate the air and send the heat outside through the refrigerant piping. The system is controlled by a temperature sensor as the air passes through it and the temperature setting can be manipulated via a wireless remote control.

In earlier years, ductless air conditioning systems could connect just a single indoor air handler and a single outdoor unit. However, with modern technology, both the ductless and ducted systems can connect multiple units. This enables homeowners to cool down several rooms at once and it also cuts down on operating and installation costs.


Many Variations To Choose From

Many Toronto area homeowners utilize a ductless air conditioning system in their sunrooms to keep them at a cool and comfortable level during the hot summer months. The ductless units are more safe and secure than window air conditioners since you don’t need to keep a window partially opened. In addition, the wall-mounted air handlers in ductless units are very quiet while operating. Ductless systems are available in various configurations which enables you to customize one to suit your specific requirements. You can also add a heat pump to the system and use it to heat your room during the colder months and it can also be used to dehumidify the room.

For more information on energy-efficient ductless air conditioning units and to learn how they provide your home with improved air quality, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Lloyd HVAC Services. We’ll be happy to explain how they work and can be controlled and cleaned. We’ll also let you know how to make it a highly-beneficial year-round investment by coupling it with heating capabilities.