Lloyd HVAC Services Commercial Maintenance Agreements

Commercial HVAC Service Contracts Agreements-Maintenance

Commercial HVAC systems need regular checkups and preventative maintenance tasks performed on them to make sure they’re always operating in peak condition. Without routine maintenance and checkups, the system may not function at its optimal level and it could lead to costly repairs and higher utility bills. This is why Lloyd HVAC Services is pleased to offer our customers in the Greater Toronto Area with customized, annual commercial HVAC maintenance agreements. These service agreements are ideal for a variety of building types and commercial HVAC systems.

Our convenient maintenance agreements are designed to keep your HVAC system operating as well as it possibly can all year round. The plans provide numerous benefits for you and the system and can be renewed on a yearly basis.

Planned routine maintenance is very important for a commercial HVAC system since it keeps it operating without interruption. It also provides customers with several other benefits including:

  • A reduction in energy consumption- When the HVAC system is performing at its optimum level it requires less energy to provide cooling and heating power.
  • Lower Operating Costs- If the HVAC system is using less energy to work then it will result in lower operating costs.
  • Help reduce costly repairs- HVAC systems which receive routine maintenance are less likely to falter and break down. This results in a reduction of costly repairs since most problems can be identified and rectified before they have the opportunity to get any worse.
  • Improves air quality- If your commercial HVAC system is working properly it will greatly improve the quality of air in your establishment which will certainly be appreciated by your customers and employees. The better quality of air is also much better for their health as it will help eliminate potential air pollutants.
  • Discounts repairs and service- With a Lloyd HVAC commercial maintenance agreement, our customers are eligible for discounts on specific types of repairs and service, including parts and labour costs. You’ll also be entitled to priority scheduling.

The Lloyd HVAC commercial maintenance programs are designed to our customers’ unique service needs. They include routine maintenance services by our specially-trained technicians such as lubrication, belt adjustments, filter cleaning and replacement, drainage verification, calibration, routine cleaning, and routine cleaning.

We keep your commercial HVAC system in the best possible operating shape to help save our valued customers money on parts and labour. The systems will ultimately use less energy and reduce costs as well as improve the air quality and cut down on expensive repairs. Any small problem can be solved before it becomes a serious one. We look forward to working hand in hand with our customers to prepare a valuable commercial HVAC maintenance program which meets their specific needs. For more information about our planned maintenance agreements please feel free to contact us Lloyd HVAC Services at your convenience.

For more information about our planned maintenance agreements please contact us here to learn more about our commercial service maintenance agreements.